The standard Fundriver Impact template includes a fund financial report.  Impact offers two options for financial reporting: a standard transparency option, and a robust transparency option. In this context, transparency is referring to the amount of financial data included in the template.

Please note that the following are customizable to you and will be set up during the onboarding process:

  • Field labels 
  • Order of fields
  • Use of dollar sign in each row
  • Option to hide a row if the value is $0
  • Option to add or remove additional fields (must fit page if rows are added)


  • Standard Transparency: This version includes beginning and ending historic gift and market values, as well as projected distributions for the coming fiscal year.

  • Robust Transparency: This version drills into the detail of both the endowment and related spending funds, including activity in and out of the funds. User must subscribe to Fundriver's Expendable Funds Module for this report option.

The photo that appears at the top of your Financial Statement will be the same across all funds in the package.

Standard Transparency

Robust Transparency