The Raiser's Edge NXT Integration is a one-way sync to Impact. The integration, once authorized by the client, is set to run nightly. Follow the below steps to link NXT to Impact. The below steps are required only during initial setup.

Only environment administrators can see the Control Panel in Raiser's Edge NXT. If you are only a solution admin you will not see this option. To have an existing environment admin increase your permissions, follow the instructions found here.

1. Sign into Raiser's Edge NXT and go to Control panel. Select Applications:

2. Select Connect app:

3. Enter the Fundriver provided Application ID and hit Continue:

4. When prompted, select Connect. Administrator should receive the below message once connected:

5. Once connected on the Raiser's Edge side, navigate back to Impact > Administration page > Data Integration & Import. 

6. Select the Authorize API button. RENXT will open in the browser.

7. In RENXT, go the Marketplace tab.

8. Under the Marketplace tab choose Manage

9. Under Manage, select the Connect App button and then copy/paste our application ID to find Impact.

10. Once you find the application, select the Connect button.


If you have any questions, please contact your Impact support agent or our help desk at