Impact is a product geared towards the Donor Relations professional that combines fund financial information directly from the Business Office and impactful stewardship information for the Constituent from the Development Office. The result is a beautiful, personalized donor report package and a streamlined process. Impact was launched in October 2021.

Impact allows users to easily pull endowment financial data from your institution's existing Fundriver Balance database and combine it with your constituent information from Raiser's Edge NXT into an integrated platform. In addition, awardee data is uploaded using an Excel import to pull in impressive narratives. Each institution's donor report package is configured with their own color schematics, fonts, and of course their data, photos, and narratives!


Currently, only customers who use Raiser's Edge NXT will have their constituent's data refreshed in Impact each night. Customers who use other donor management systems are able to manually feed their constituent data into Impact using a simple Excel template.