Release Date: August 29, 2022

Summary: Based on feedback from our Beta Users, we have updated the Classic design to include a few additional pages and an updated recipient impact template(s). 


Classic Design Template Updates

Any clients with access to Impact before this release will see they have an OLD version of Classic since they may have already created reports using that template. This template still needs to have your fonts applied.

Updates related to the new Classic design include 3 new page templates: 

  • Endowment Performance: 3 images/graphs and associated descriptions related to the endowment 
  • Flex Page: for additional content, and imagery/graph 
  • Recipient List: For reporting on recipients related to a fund with Name, Hometown, Major and Grad year (managed through imports available through your onboarding advisor 

For the beta users there are a few updates to existing to names and layout to these Impact pages: 

  • Thank You Horizontal (previously called Narrative no quote) 
  • Thank you Vertical (Narrative w/ Quote) no longer uses a quote 
  • Narrative with Quote 

Financials + Fund view updates 

  • For clients using the full financial version: the table header will be “Fund Activity” instead of “Endowment Activity”
  • For clients with Expendable Funds Module: will now see all funds within Impact. Clients that report out on Expendable Funds that do not have an endowment fund will be available and rendered as full vs. Expanded financial version.  
  • Fund overview and detail views  :
    • updated to read “Fund Value” in the header instead of “Market value”
    • updated to read “Contributed Value” in the header instead of “Historical Value”