Release Date: September 15, 2022



Based on feedback from our clients, we are updating Awardee to Recipient in report templates and the application. 


All clients will see this new message when the Balance Imports are successfully refreshed nightly.

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For clients who do not use Raiser’s Edge integration, they will see a message when the constituent information gets updated via an Import.  


Navigation > Awardee/Recipient

Recipient types have been updated to correlate to new template names. 

  • Question + Answer stays the same Awardee Question + Answer 
  • NEW: Thank you (horizontal) was Awardee Narrative No Quote 
  • NEW: Thank you (vertical) was Longer Awardee Narrative w/Quote 
  • NEW: Narrative + Quote was Brief Awardee Narrative w/ Quote 

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NOTE: All Recipient Fund Impacts  can be imported using a CSV file, ask your onboarding advisor for the best way to do this. 

  • Now show character counts per page in the edit view and give feedback if you exceed number of characters with spaces that can live on a page. 

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  • The Question and Answer template has been updated so that questions will be added through the import of recipient Questions + Answers (which your onboarding advisor can walk through with you) so they live with the answers on a Recipient Fund Impact page. 
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Report Templates 

There were odd characters in the description on the Endowment Overview page that have been removed.

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