Release Date: October 26, 2022


Recipient Views

Recipient Overview Updates

  • Fund count reflects the number of funds associated with a recipient. If a recipient has a Fund Impact narrative and is on the recipient list page for the same fund, the fund count=1, if the recipient has a Fund Impact Narrative to 1 fund and is on a recipient list for a different fund, the fund count=2.

Recipient view of Fund Impacts is updated

  • Consolidated view to no longer show the Fund tab, instead you can use the “view fund” action
  • List shows Impact type along with Recipient Type (Recipient Type is required for all recipient imports and is pulled from this view to ensure each type correlates to a template)
  • List includes the Fund record if the Recipient has been imported to the Recipient list page (this record shows only 2 actions because it’s only able to be removed or to view the Fund it’s associated with as there’s no detail attached)
  • By clicking on the Fund Name you will see the Impact narrative 
  • Actions updated:
    • View Fund (links to Fund detail)
    • Edit (exposes Impact detail, unless it’s a recipient list record)
    • Remove (removes the Fund Impact)

Recipient Detail is updated

        Additional fields for:

  • Email (optional)
  • International (Y/N) defaults to No