Release Date: April 4, 2022


  • Fund Performance Updates

We updated the view of fund financials to no longer show the current reporting period (based on the blue banner period underlined in yellow in the header) as year to date by default, but users will always be able to choose the period they want to see fund financials for by using the exposed filters (underlined in the blue highlight). 

The only time filters won’t appear is if you are new to Balance, and have no activity yet to pull into Impact.

Release Date: April 4, 2022


  • Funds view updated to show:

    • Number of active constituents.

      • There are 3 statuses for constituents: active, inactive, and deceased and only active constituents can have reports created for them)

    • Added Purpose length in characters to create transparency around any missing or needing to be trimmed to fit the recommended length.

    • Action date header has been revised to  “Created date” (different from Inception date). 

      • This is the creation or last modified in Balance.

    • Fund financials are now presented in a more flexible display.

    • By default, values are displaying Balance based off the active reporting period to date. 

      • Note: the active reporting period appears in the top blue banner and is part of your initial set up.

    • If there is no activity displaying it is because the Business office needs to reconcile (Balance info, once available, refreshes nightly).

    • Customers can choose the reporting period for each fund’s performance, which will reflect what a report will show once run using that same period.

      • Note: customers can have up to 6 years of Balance historical information accessible.


  • In each constituent record, updated the display on the reports tab to ensure:
    • the view is showing the most recently created report first
    • updated the labels so it’s clear where the Report PDF is that was used for sharing with the constituent




  • Template Proofing updates:

    • Customers can archive or remove a template.

    • Status of Draft, Proofed or Approved that have no report batches associated with them

    • All buttons are now active in this view 

Actions menu is now visible at bottom of template detail page., the actions menu is now exposed along the bottom of the screen and scroll with the user as they move up and down the page

  • On the recipient template pages, updated header image to “default”

  • This image will be used on all reports where there is a recipient fund impact that needs an image

    • Thank you (horizontal)

    • Thank you (vertical)

    • Narrative + quote

  • On report delivery: constituents are displayed in Alpha descending order according to their last name, names appear last name first, and this will carry through to the CSV for delivery.


  • Email is no longer a required field on a recipient detail record.