About the file:

If you are using the recipients page in your Impact report, use this import file to add the people who received awards to each fund’s recipient page. This is reporting period-specific, so it should be uploaded again when there is a new reporting period in Impact (eg. Each fiscal year).  

The information uploaded in this file will appear in the circled area below:


To ensure an import file gets uploaded successfully, please review your file to ensure:

  • column headers match the original template exactly

  • your file only contains one sheet

  • no formulas, formatting, or additional columns are present

Best practice is to use a fresh template and copy the data into it, once you are sure your data is ready.

Find the blank Recipient Page Fund Recipients template at the bottom of this article.


How to Import the file:

  1. Log into Impact 

  2. Select Import/Export from the left navigation pane.

  3. On the Impact page that appears, select Create new import:

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 A dropdown will appear:

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  1. Choose the Recipient Page Fund Recipients file:

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  1. Click Continue. A new page will appear, with a link to download the blank file template:

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  1. Click the Download button (circled above). The blank template will download as an Excel file.

  2. Fill out the template with the appropriate data, according to the column headers. DO NOT ALTER THE COLUMN HEADER NAMES. Also, do not add additional columns or additional sheets. 

    Columns in this file are:
    RecipientID: This is whatever ID you use in your system of record for your award recipient.
    FirstName: Award recipient’s first name.
    LastName: Award Recipient’s last name.
    Email: Award Recipient’s email address.
    Hometown: Award Recipient’s hometown. This is usually written with city name and state abbreviation, eg. Miami, FL.
    Major: Award Recipient’s major.
    ClassYear: Award Recipient’s graduation year.
    FundID: This is, and must be, the fund’s GLID in Balance.
    RecipientType: Examples of recipient types are faculty, fellowship, scholarship, and staff. 

    Please note: FundID must exactly match the fund’s GLID in Balance.  

There should be one recipient per row. If a recipient received awards from more than one fund, create an additional row per fund. 

8. Once your file is filled out and saved (the name of the file can be whatever you wish), click the Browse button, select your file, and click Open.

9. Click the Upload button. If there are any issues with the upload, an error message will appear with details on how to fix the issue.

10. If there are no errors, review the changes on the screen and click the Approve Import button. Your import is now complete.

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