The Import entitled "Default Constituent" is for all Non-RE (Blackbaud Raiser's Edge) customers to bring their active constituents into Impact for reporting.

The blank import template, called ConstituentImpactDefault_template.xlsx, can be found at the bottom of this article.

This import file needs to include all the information noted below for each constituent (person or organization) you want to create and deliver reports for.

We encourage you to only include active constituents; the term active represents the status of a constituent you want to build a report for. It's unnecessary to include deceased constituents in this import as we don't currently support reports being generated for deceased constituents.

Information needed

Below are the fields the file includes: 

Note that an asterisk* indicates if it's always required, black + bold indicates its needed for mail delivery(print), green + bold indicates it's needed for delivery by ODDER (email delivery).

  1. Constituent ID*
  2. First Name*
  3. Last Name* (org name can go here)
  4. Organization (is this an organization record? yes or no)
  5. Addressee
  6. Salutation
  7. Address Line 1
  8. Address Line 2
  9. Address Line 3
  10. City
  11. State
  12. Zip
  13. Country
  14. Email
  15. Primary Solicitor
  16. Status Org Record ID
  17. Filter Attribute

Here's more information about the purpose of each field which may be helpful to share with your data administrator.


Column Ordering/ Related Impact Field

[Preferred] Column Labels

Purpose of the field within impact?



Donor System Mapping Notes (For Fundriver reference)

1 (B)

Constituent ID

Unique identifier. This is used in naming PDF files.  We will return an error if duplicates are found in the same file. 


2 (A)

First Name

Search/Display of Constituents


3 (A)

Last Name

Search/Display of Constituents


This should be the Org name if it’s an Org.

4 (A)


Determines if this record is an organization vs. individual record. 


This is not for the org name, but rather Yes/No to help determine how to format the envelope for delivery.

5 (C)


This is the salutation that will appear on the envelope for both Print/ODDER (email) delivery.  


Needed for ODDER delivery

6 (D)


This is the salutation that will appear within ODDER (email) delivery campaign. 


Needed for ODDER delivery

7 (E)

Address Line 1

CSV output for Merging to build Envelope 


Needed for Mail delivery

8 (E)

Address Line 2

CSV output for Merging to build Envelope


Needed for Mail delivery

9 (E)

Address Line 3

CSV output for Merging to build Envelope 


Needed for Mail delivery

10 (E)


CSV output for Merging to build Envelope 


Needed for Mail delivery



CSV output for Merging to build Envelope 


Needed for Mail delivery



CSV output for Merging to build Envelope


Needed for Mail delivery

13 (E)


CSV output for Merging to build Envelope

N- Default Value ‘United States’

14 (G)


ODDER (email) delivery


Needed for email delivery.


Primary Solicitor

Added to Views when reviewing constituents, creating groupings of reports 


This should be an ID. 

Note, the file provided to import Constituents into Impact should include these records as Constituents for allowing users to build reports by this criteria for review.



Indicates whether a constituent should be included for reporting. 


Mapping Status Values Identified To-Date:



L= Lost [Deceased]

Recommended to help with ensuring you are sending to active constituents.


Organization Record ID

Matches a constituent to an Organization for Delivery rules. 



Filter Attribute

Allows for filtering when Creating Report batches


This could be Type of Donor, Tiers [priority level with Stewarding], Planned Giving [future endowment] 

Impact constituent guidelines:

  • Organizations will be included the same as individuals, the organization name should be noted in the last name field.
  • A solicitor's (Gift Officer's) information should be included the same as a constituent's.
  • There are 3 statuses for constituents: Active, Inactive and Deceased. Only Active constituents can get reports. 
    • As constituent statuses may change, we keep the history of all constituents so their associated reports will remain available.
  • Constituent records cannot be deleted.
  • If a constituent record has incomplete mailing information for the delivery method chosen, it will automatically be excluded from delivery (an export of any incomplete constituent records will be available for you to export and correct).
  • The name of each PDF report created in Impact is based on the ID of each constituent.


  • The timing of the imports is up to you. 

  • The history of import files is stored within Impact for reference.

  • The relationship of constituents to funds is maintained through a separate import file called "fund to constituent relationship". This import file has 2 columns as shown below.

Description automatically generated

  • For clients using the expendables module: The fund ID would be either the endowment account GLID or the expendable account GLID depending on which you’d like to report on

Mailing Requirements 

Once report batches are approved, they are then able to be selected by you to prep for delivery. The options for delivery are by email (ODDER + Thankview) or regular mail/ print. 

As part of the delivery prep process within Impact> Reports> Delivery, you will be able to:

  • Review the constituents included and 
  • Can manually exclude anyone as needed and 
  • Confirm who should be included as well as see their associated funds. 

The delivery package provided within Impact is a zip file that contains all the final PDFs (labelled by the constituent ID) as well as the CSV that correlates to all the mailing information we have for the related constituents to mail merge and send, as needed.